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We offer the best loft conversion solutions available in the market. Whether you live in North West, West, South West, or other areas of London, you can count on Builders Team to help you out with all your loft conversion needs, in the Greater London area or surrounding regions.

If you are looking for a really practical way of increasing your home living space, a loft conversion can be just what you need. Many people don’t think about how they are using their loft too much, leaving it as either an empty, unused space or messy storage with no purpose or reason for its layout. With loft conversion, you can turn it upside down and transform your loft into an elegant bedroom, a game room for the whole family, or simply a well-organized storage area with an additional bathroom or shower room. There are a number of alternative loft conversion solutions and we will advise you which will be the best fit for your needs and home structure.

As a Design and Build company, we managing all project stages, including the architectural and structural designs, planning permission, building works with building control approvals. Builders Team will offer a complete design and build package including supply and installation of windows and doors or bespoke glazing systems, as well as everything you need to fully complete your loft project. If you already have plans and planning permission for your loft conversion, simply send the plans to us and we calculate an estimate for you free of charge.

Loft conversions may be one of the best ways to utilize your unused loft space, but there’s far more than one way to go about it. Depending on your personal needs and the conditions you have to work with, you may choose for a specific type of loft conversion over another.

Types of loft conversions:


Dormer Loft conversion




 Dormer Loft conversion – is considered the most appropriate and common way to provide additional roof accommodation. In most cases, it can be built without the need for planning permission via permitted development conditions, depending on the type the property, for the flats or maisonettes planning will be required.





Mansard Loft Conversion



 Mansard Loft Conversion – are the most effective loft conversion that provides great results in terms of building additional living space. Mansard loft conversions are constructed by raising the party walls, keeping the roof flat with gentle inward slopes. In the vast majority of cases, mansard conversions are implemented at the rear of the house. They are one of the most visually pleasing loft conversions that allow blending with surrounding buildings.






Hip-to-gable Loft Conversion



 Hip-to-gable Loft Conversion – very popular in semi-detached or detached, end of terrace houses with a hipped roof structure. A hip-to-gable loft conversion is designed by straightening up an inwardly slanted part of the roof, transforming it into a vertical wall. A perfect way to add more space to your loft area for such types of properties.






Mansion block loft conversion



   Mansion block loft conversion – a superb conversion, which allows you to add a loft extension to your top-floor apartment. Build with special care to details and keeping every neighbor happy at the same time.






L-Shape dormer loft conversion



  L-Shape dormer loft conversion – two dormer loft conversion builds are connected together. A very common loft conversion for Victorian and Edwardian period properties, creating extra room by building an additional dormer on the existing rear extension. Great value for money creating multiple rooms for example two bedrooms plus a bathroom.





Pod dormer loft conversion



  Pod dormer loft conversion – POD loft room extension on existing rear house extension – a part of L section dormer loft conversion. A very common loft conversion for Victorian and Edwardian period properties, linked to original rear dormer loft conversion. Pod extension is one of the most economic ways to add space to your house.






Skylight loft conversion



   Skylight loft conversion – also known as Velux loft conversion, due to the number of Velux windows being installed. Velux roof window loft conversions are often built on larger loft spaces where there is no need for a dormer or due to planning restrictions in conservation areas, where dormer loft conversions are not allowed.






Roof Terrace



   Roof Terrace – are possible in some London Boroughs, due to planning restrictions L shape rear extension dormers are not allowed. Instead of this, simple loft terrace design and build solutions can be created over the rear addition of the roof area. Loft conversion with roof terrace will be an amazing extension to conversion, especially if you have a flat or maisonette with the need for more outdoor space.







    A dormer loft conversion is built out of the existing roof slope and provides the most economical way to add extra space to your property. Some types of dormer loft conversions can increase up to 50 cubic meters of additional space, depending on the type of property and the size of the extension.

    A dormer loft conversion is a form of conversion that involves an extension to the loft’s structure. The dormer as the added element called is a vertical space that overhangs vertically from the sloping roof. The direct result of this is a substantial increase in the loft’s usable space, both vertically and horizontally. The headroom is greatly increased, and the loft’s entire floor space is allowing more access to natural daylight.

    There are several types of dormer loft conversion, but the most commonly utilized in the UK is a simple flat roof dormer. We offer a reliable rear dormer loft conversion for your home. That way you can add much more space to your home while expanding it to the back so that the looks of your home don’t change when facing the front.



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    A mansard loft conversion is a type of loft conversion that involves extending the entire plane of your property’s roof, effectively adding a full additional floor to your home. This works by lifting the sloping side of the roof to a pitch that’s almost vertical – not lower than 72 degrees. As a result of this type of conversion, the roof is flat and windows are located within dormers.

    As this type of house extension is quite a significant change to the home structure, planning permission is always required for this type of loft design, and it is often more extensive than other types of loft conversions. This type of conversion is most commonly build in London and other urban areas, where street lines of period terraced properties are built.


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    An increasingly popular form of creating extra room at larger properties, hip-to-gable loft conversions are a great choice when looking for a solid way of increasing your loft space. If you live in a detached or semi-detached house with a hipped roof, a hip-to-gable loft conversion is what you need.

    A hip-to-gable loft conversion involves extending the side roof area, resulting in the hipped roof, which formerly sloped inwards, being transformed into a vertical wall, changing your hip roof to a gable roof. This provides the benefits of increased space and headroom in your loft space. This can also be combined with rear dormer loft conversions, which results in an even greater increase in space all around. Planning permission isn’t usually necessary in order to design this type of loft conversion. Most hip-to-gable loft conversions are within permitted development conditions and do not require full planning permission.


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    We take special management care during the whole project. Our Design and Build team are experienced in such types of projects and is capable of providing all necessary documentation to build mansion block loft conversion, helping you at every stage of the build and making sure everything runs smoothly, whilst keeping excellent quality and costs reasonable. The route for this type of loft is not easy but the result is fantastic and worth the effort.

    In most Mansion Block loft conversions, there are bigger possibilities to design and build large-scale terraces. It’s a truly great choice for such magnificent property at the stunning apartment block. Mansion block loft conversions are required Full planning permission.


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    The L-shaped dormer loft conversions are often considered the best way to extend a mid-terrace period property to maximize space available up to 40 Cubic meter maximum allowance within the planning rules, providing potential for multiple rooms to creation.

    The build space is designed and managed in different ways, the rear dormer extension room is mainly used as a bedroom but can be a study or a large luxurious shower room or bathroom. Generally, L-shaped dormer loft conversions do not require planning permission due to permitted development rules, if it complies within certain size rules. In some London Boroughs, due to planning restrictions, L shape rear extension dormers are not allowed. Instead of a simple loft terrace design and build solution can be created over the roof rear addition area.


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    A pod room is a room that is built out over the existing rear extension, half of the back addition giving an approximately 3m by 3.5m in size extension. Full L shape dormer loft conversions – Pod rooms have not been possible to build for a long time, but according to new planning requirements for lofts in London, they can be designed and built nowadays.

    The build space is often used as an additional bedroom, study room, or even a large luxurious shower room or bathroom. POD rooms are much more expensive to build on their own, so if you have the roof space and do not have a main loft conversion built, we would recommend you to design and build an L-shape dormer loft. If your new POD loft conversion is within permitted development rates, you will not need planning permission unless you live in a conservation area or flat.


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    Skylight or VELUX loft conversions are the simplest and most economic solutions to design and build extra loft space, due to the fact that no large alterations need to be made to the existing roof. Therefore, if your property is not in the conservation area, planning permission is usually not required.

    Roof light loft conversions require substantially less construction work and are not that disruptive as other types of loft conversions. Skylight loft conversion spaces are designed and built to create at least one bedroom and possibly a shower room, by adding few Velux windows or even a Velux loft balcony to add more light and character to your home.


    Skylight loft conversion London

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    Roof light loft conversion London

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    Builders Team architectural team are specialists in planning rules of the different planning departments, councils and will advise what’s likely to be approved for your new loft conversion with the terrace project. In the case of a standard terrace house top floor rear extension, or top flat maisonette, the terrace will typically be around 3-9 square meters. Generally approved with a standard metal railing or obscure glass balustrade of 1.7 meters high. In Mansion block loft conversions, there are more possibilities to design and build large-scale terraces. We are particularly pleased to show you our completed roof terraces.


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