Extra space for your home in Putney

If you want to create additional home space and transform it into a place to store all your belongings, or possibly transform it into additional living space for you and the family, you can have this done with the assistance of Builders Team Ltd.

Whether you want another den or entertainment space for the children and family to spend time together, whether you dream about home cinema or office, we can turn those plans into reality for you. We have converted numerous lofts from dormant loft conversions to hip-to-gable ones and completed our work to the highest standards. The possibilities to increase space are unlimited if your property complies with planning permission and loft conversion regulations of Putney local authority.

Top-quality loft conversions in Putney

Builders Team Ltd. offers to produce high-quality and affordable loft conversions in Putney. We gathered the team of the best professionals which possess the necessary skills to complete all the tasks concerning your project – planning, managing and building perfect loft convention.

Our company provide such types of loft conversions in Putney as:

  • L-shaped loft conversion,
  • dormer loft conversion,
  • mansard loft conversion,
  • hip-to-gable loft conversion,
  • skylight loft conversion.

You can easily check some examples of our work by viewing the portfolio of our previous projects on our website and make sure that Builders Team is a reliable and experienced partner.
First of all, it is necessary to determine if your house is suitable for loft conversion taking into account roof structure, ceiling height, access, and space to create a liveable room. From our experience and many years of work, we can say that the majority of roofs can be converted. The process can be a little more complicated if you live in a listed building or conservation area. In this case, Builders Team will assist you in getting planning permission or building regulation approval if required.

When you have generally settled your house is appropriate for a loft conversion, consider how you might want to use it; maybe an additional room with en-suite bathroom, or perhaps a playroom or den for your growing kids? What about a space to have a rest or study? After discussing your ideas, and agreeing on budget and terms, Builders Team can start to work and create the exceptional loft space of your dream.

Contact our team to get a free quotation and expert advice on your project. We are always glad to help with the consultation that you need.


Putney is located on the banks of the southern Thames. It is one of the most popular areas for country recreation. This is a favourite place for picnics among Londoners because it has got a lot of public parks, gardens and other green spaces.

Sports lovers are attracted by frequent and spectacular rowing competitions. It is here the Builders Team located for you to help with the loft conversions.

Types of Loft Conversions in Putney

We offer the following types of loft conversions:


    Dormer loft conversion is a structure which projects vertically from the plane of a sloping roof. It is the most often carried out loft conversion which is popular for a few reasons. First of all, dormer loft conversion supposes increasing the height of the current rooftop, as a result, a good head-height is achieved. Moreover, building a dormer onto an existing roof provides a large amount of internal living space for creating a bedroom, office or a children’s playroom.


    L-shaped loft conversions extend over the rear extension that exists in many Victorian and Edwardian houses. This type of loft conversion is ideal for properties where there is a back addition at the rear – usually housing the kitchen on the ground floor and a bathroom above. It means that you have a little bit more area to build over, and can achieve a larger loft conversion. L-shape dormer is a fantastic use of space. This additional space can become any room you need, such as a bedroom, office, study, bathroom, nursery, etc.


    Mansard loft conversion forms almost horizontal flat top with the sides that have about 72-degrees pitch. As a result, the homeowner gets internal space almost of a standard square. Among all types of loft conversions, mansard conversions provide the most spacious and comfortable rooms.
    Planning permission is usually required for this type of loft conversion as it involves huge changes in the structure of the roof. Installing a dormer should be best left to a professional building company.


    Hip-to-gable loft conversion basically broadens the side rooftop. The side part of the hipped roof is removed and is converted into the vertical wall making additional usable space inside the loft.

    Hip-to-gable conversions aren’t reasonable for mid-terraced houses, as they don’t have a hip end rooftop, yet it could be suitable for some end-terraced properties, detached and semi-detached properties. Thanks to the windows and additional head height created by a hip-to-gable loft conversion extremely versatile and work well as bedrooms, a home study, children’s room,or even a bathroom.


    Skylight loft conversion is the easiest way to transform a dusty loft into a stylish and cosy living space such as a bedroom or guest room. In this kind of loft conversion, the roof line remains unaltered. It uses skylight windows that let natural light into your newly converted room. As a result, the cost of skylight loft conversion is not expensive. You can choose among a wide variety of roof windows styles to make your room even more comfortable and meet your personal tastes and ideas.

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