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Need more space in your home but don’t have enough room for an extension or a loft to spare? You’re almost guaranteed to have the space you need beneath your feet. Basement construction is one of the fastest-growing areas in London. With the increasing demand for space in the London property market, the Builders team can offer competitive complete basement construction services.

We can handle all the phases of your basement conversion, including:

  • excavation,
  • underpinning,
  • structural steelwork,
  • drainage,
  • concrete shell,
  • insulation,
  • heating installation,
  • and many more works that will make your basement a more pleasant place to be in.


Many UK homes have basements that go unused. People either just don’t go down their basements or use them as a disorganized storage area. However, basements can be so much more than that, and you need to look no further than our basement conversion services. No need to worry about your basement being dark or damp – with our professional service, we’ll transform your dingy space into an amazing lounge, bedroom, or any other room of your desire.

Basements can sometimes be a daunting and overwhelming task combined with the essential need for temporary works and steelwork. Having one company will give you the confidence to expand into this fast-growing business.


Basement conversion

Are you looking for a way to expand your home’s surface area but don’t know exactly how to go about it? Basement conversions are extremely practical, but not all houses come with basements. You might think that adding a basement to a house that doesn’t have one is impossible, and while it is quite a big undertaking, it’s nothing a professional construction company like ours can’t handle. With enough time and resources, we can add a whole new level to your house by expanding the space underneath it. A whole new world of possibility will open up for you with our amazing basement construction service. Add an entire floor to your house without climbing up and obstructing your neighbor’s view.

Our extensive knowledge of structural alterations and our specialist skills including underpinning, reinforced underpinning, excavation and disposal, underground drainage systems, pumping systems, and membrane tanking systems should give you the confidence of a competitive and professional basement service.


    If your house doesn’t have a basement, you’re missing out on a lot of potential value. Luckily, with our help, adding a basement to your home is a simple matter. Take a look at our offer and see for yourself just how much we can improve your living with a new basement.

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    If you need a practical, cost-efficient way to add space to your home, basement conversions are exactly what you need. Our professional team can help you transform your basement into the room of your dreams.

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