Add extra space to your home by converting your loft

Do you like living in your house but you would like to have another room? A loft conversion is the best solution for you. This is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to extend your home. Your loft provides unlimited possibilities; you can have a new office or a billiard room, a living room, or a children’s room you dreamed of. Just make sure that your room conforms to all norms and standards. Therefore, you need to choose the right construction company, in which your entire success depends.

Builders Team Ltd. is a construction company that provides a full package of loft conversion services in Ilford. We have many years of experience, so you can be sure that we will select the best type of loft conversion for you and carry out the project professionally.

Why you should choose Builders Team Ltd?

Loft Conversion is a very convenient modern way of extending the living space of your home in Ilford. In order for the room will be an integral part of the whole house, the loft conversion must be carried out by highly qualified specialists.

Builders Team Ltd. is a building contractor who has vast experience in loft conversion of various types of houses. Our specialists know the complete conversion technology and fulfil all the requirements of the customer as for the quality. Each stage of work is under strict control, and we provide a report on the work done.

At Builders Team Ltd., our specialists are competent in their field, which allows us to solve the most complex tasks. That is why we give a guarantee on all types of work performed by the company. Construction work is carried out in the shortest possible time in compliance with all building codes and regulations. The quality of our construction services is confirmed by the presence of customer recommendations and a significant number of completed loft conversions.

We offer a range of services that are ready to perform efficiently and as soon as possible:

  • Consultations on the choice of materials, construction work and all other questions you are interested in;
  • Measurement of the object;
  • Calculation of the quantity and cost of materials and work on the object;
  • Professional loft conversion services for your home.

Builders Team Ltd. is interested in each of our clients, so we select an individual approach to each house owner. If you have any questions, or you want to order a loft conversion for your house in Ilford right now, contact us in the way that is convenient for you.


Ilford is more than a suburb of London. It is a quiet and wonderful place to live for any person or family. Excellent location, a variety of schools, shops and restaurants is one of the main advantages of the area.

If you want to make your home in Ilford better, then loft conversion from Builders Team Ltd. is a great option for you. Contact us and our qualified managers will be happy to answer all your questions.

Types of Loft Conversions in Ilford

Builders Team offers the following types of loft conversions:


    Being the most popular loft conversion type, a dormer loft conversion is quite cheap compared to other extensions, but significantly increases the amount of additional loft space in your home. Typically, dormer conversion is used for small lofts. Due to its structure, this loft conversion allows you to increase the useful space of the room both vertically and horizontally.


    L-shaped loft conversion creates more free space than dormer loft conversion or any other type of conversion. This loft is very functional, this space can be used to equip any room, and it is possible to create two separate rooms which are necessary for you in the house. The L-shaped loft conversion usually does not require planning permission, despite the rather complex structure.


    A mansard conversion is one of the types of loft conversion that represents extending the entire plane of the roof, creating extra volume in your home. Most often the construction is built at the back of the house, so the mansard looks more attractive in appearance than other types of conversion. If you choose mansard conversion, you can be sure that you will get the most comfortable room for an affordable price.


    Usually, such type of conversion turns the slopping (hipped) roof into a vertical wall, which becomes equal to the height of the top of the roof. This type is suitable for house owners of semi and fully-detached properties. If your house has two sloping roofs on both sides, you can do the hip-to-gable conversion on both sides and have twice as much free space to create a new room that you need.


    If you have enough space on the loft, and you do not want a lot of work in your house in Ilford, then skylight loft conversion is the perfect option for you. In addition, the lack of planning permission makes the choice obvious to many people. You get not only a new room, but also the energy savings, ease of use, and additional ventilation of the loft in the warm season. You only need to add skylight windows!

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