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An ideal way to create extra value and dynamic space for your house is to design and build a house extension. Builders-team is London house extension experts offering the best infill, rear, and wrap-around house extension solutions available anywhere in Greater London and surrounding regions. For the best house extensions in London, you come to the right place.

The kitchen extension is another great way to bring new life to your home. Whether it be fresh new space spending time with your family or entertaining with friends, a new rear, side, or wrap-around kitchen extension space can completely transform existing ground floor space. The creation of additional open-plan structures in existing walls, new ground floor layout will make your home more outstanding. We can even set up temporary kitchen services allowing our clients to remain living in the house throughout the all build process.

We offer comprehensive services and fully coordinate all house extension project stages, including the architectural and structural designs, planning permission, building works with building control approvals. Builders Team will offer a complete design and build package including supply and installation of windows and doors or bespoke glazing systems, as well as everything you need to fully complete your home extension project. If you already have plans and planning permission for your house extension, simply send us the plans and we calculate an estimate for free. Contact us today and see for yourself how much of a difference a good house extension can make!

Here are the main different layouts of house extensions you could choose, and the type we recommend for your design and build project will depend on several factors: planning regulations, style of property, available space, and most importantly your budget.

Types of House Extensions:

Rear House Extension



Rear House Extension is one of the most economical houses extension options and requires less structural work. Typically carried out on terrace houses where there is no side return option or on detached, semi-detached houses. A perfect way to add more space to your home for such type of property.





Side Return House Extension



Side Return extension, the most common domestic building project creating open plan kitchen extension to Victorian and similar period properties. An excellent way to use an existing narrow place of land that runs alongside the existing ground floor extension.





Wrap Around Extension



The Wrap-Around Extension is a combination of a side return extension with a rear extension.  A perfect way to create maximum space for new open plan kitchen and dining areas. Very popular to Victorian or similar period properties.






Double Story Extension



Double-Story Extension is very common option for large-scale detached and semi-detached properties and terrace Houses. It is a two-story extension built that extends the existing size of your house and your living space on two floors – ground and 1st floor.








    A rear extension is where the only rear end of the property is being extended. An increasingly popular form of creating a large open plan kitchen with an island and dining areas, adding huge roof windows to give maximum natural light into to new house extension space. For maximum satisfaction, an optional large-scale glazing door system can be installed with a newly designed and built garden patio area.


    A rear house extension is one of the cheaper house extension options available, less structural works required and it’s within permitted development rules if extends by more than 4 meters for a detached house, or more than 3 meters for any other house – semi-detached or terrace houses. You are pretty much free to do whatever you want with your rear extension. With our help, you can effortlessly add more space to your home for the best price you are looking for.

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    A lot of terraced and semi-detached houses that define so much urban landscape, especially within London districts, are ripe for these house additions. Mostly, side return extensions are relatively small extensions, but they will definitely give a great impact on the look and feel of your property. Sometimes, a side return extension can be combined with a rear extension which is called a wrap-around extension. A side return extension is a truly great option for creating open-plan kitchen and dining areas.


    Viewing property from the outside, it may appear you will only gain a few extra meters inside, but a large structural opening will make a major difference to the internal layout and creates a new spacious feeling to your house. Most side return extensions do require planning permission and only a few can be built under permitted development rules.

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    The wrap-around extension will give maximum space and significantly improve the feeling and view of your home. If you want to achieve an open plan kitchen with large dining or living areas to your house, then a wrap-around extension is the perfect option for you. Depending on the width of the plot, a wrap-around extension provides one of the most favorable opportunities in terms of home improvements and will create a fantastic connection between indoor living zones and the garden. This will be achieved by fitting Sliding/Bi-folding doors systems and adding huge roof windows or even creating a full glass roof to let plenty of natural light.

    A number of planning rules need to be dealt with designing wrap-around extensions and structurally it’s a more complicated build than side return extension. On some occasions, you do need to require planning permission, and only a few fall under permitted development guidelines.


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    A double-storey house extension can be just what you need, to transform your home into a bigger, more welcoming space for you and your family. Whether you just want to increase the living space in an existing room or add a whole new room altogether, a double-storey extension is an ideal way to ensure that you get much more space out of your old house, even if it looks like you’ve grown out of it.

    Additionally, a double-storey extension can prove to be an even more cost-effective solution than single-storey extensions, as the extension itself can spread the cost of the foundations and the roof, and as a result, the average construction cost per square metre is lowered. In many cases, double-storey extensions don’t require planning permission, e.g. when the extension isn’t taller than the highest part of your roof. Make sure you do the proper research before deciding on this form of extension.


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