Perhaps you’re just tired of your old interior decor or want to keep up with the latest trends. Need a fresh coat of paint to mask all the wear and tear your walls have been subjected to for the last couple of years? Or maybe you want to change the layout of your office to make sure that your employees are more productive?

Whatever the case may be, we at A Builder’s Team can offer you some of the most comprehensive house refurbishment services available in London.

A comprehensive service

As a professional refurbishment company based in London, we offer a full range of services to help you achieve exactly the look you want for your interior.
We handle:

  • plumbing and heating,
  • electrical installations,
  • painting and decorating,
  • kitchen and bathroom refurbishment,
  • and so much more!



    A shop’s decor is far more important than many may think. It’s not just about how the place looks – it’s about a practical layout and how comfortable the customer feels inside. It has an incredible impact on marketing – by choosing to strategically display certain goods or using the right lighting, we might end up more clients than was initially possible. Many clients won’t even notice or even think about it, but that doesn’t change the fact that shop fit-outs can make a big difference, both for shop owners and customers.

    We offer you some of the best shop fit-out services in the UK. Our skilled teams consist of some of the best experts in the industry, offering a level of expertise that few other companies in the country can offer. We can ensure that your shop, fashion outlet, or any other retail area will renovated and decorated in a way that will be both practical for your employees to use, as well as appealing to all potential customers.


    Bars, pubs, and restaurants have the main purpose of bringing people together and letting them enjoy food or drink in good company. It should come as no surprise, then, that the decor of the locale in question has a great influence on how it is perceived by the clients. After all, no matter how good your food is or how exciting the nights are at your place, if it can’t catch the attention of passersby, no one will get to see it for themselves. That’s why a proper fit-out is crucial.

    We offer a comprehensive bar, pub and restaurant fit-out service. With years of experience, our company consists of experts that know exactly how to make a bar or restaurant pleasant for a customer while also making it a practical place to operate in for your staff. With the best tools and the expertise to go along with them, we can ensure that your bar, restaurant, or pub will be the most exciting place it can be for your customers while being the most comfortable and practical workplace for your employees.


    It doesn’t matter how well-designed your home is, there will probably come a time when you’re ready for a change of pace. Whether it’s due to a need to increase your living space because your family is growing or you’ve simply grown tired of your own decor, you might one day decide that what you need is a complete refurbishment of your home. No matter what the reason and what the scope of your refurbishment project may be – whether it’s your whole home or just a single room – you can count on us to provide you the very best private refurbishment service available.

    Our team consists of a number of experienced specialists with access to some of the best tools on the market, allowing us to provide you with the most professional house refurbishment services in the area. You can count on us to always pay close attention to every detail, ensuring that your home is refurbished exactly the way you want it to be.


    Any business employee knows how important it is for an office to have proper decor. Without a good layout and the appropriate type of furniture, it can be very hard for the workers to comfortably perform their task. Not to mention the fact that the way your office looks is a big part of your company’s image, so it’s important to ensure that you make a good, lasting impression on any clients that might come and visit.

    With years of professional experience in the field, we are utilising some of the best tools in the area, all in the hands of experts who know exactly what they’re doing, in order to provide you with some of the most reliable office refurbishment services available in the area. We know exactly what to do to ensure that your office is a comfortable workplace for all of your employees, so let us handle all the dirty work for you while you handle the important parts of your business!

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