New Build Developments

Our thorough tailor-made service combines the planning, design stage through full build completion. We can accommodate any New Build project in London’s surrounding regions. Whether you require design, build or design and build services, our team is ready to undertake your new build residential construction project.

Builders Team has established proven processes to ensure that residential projects run smoothly from initial survey date to final completion. We understand the importance of adhering to project plans, follow clients’ needs, and take great pride in our quality work. Our experienced teams advise and work together with our clients to help them get exactly what they want whilst meeting the structural and building control requirements.

New Build project is not a house extension or reconfiguration and does require knowledge and resources to ensure that all critical considerations are accommodated throughout the new build process, especially health and safety, and comply with building control regulations. Our Residential building team has extensive experience in dealing with various new build projects, such as: building from scratch on an empty plot of land or demolishing the existing property and building a new one.

For the New Build project, It’s very important to choose an insured contractor. Builders Team Ltd is covered with Contractors All-Risk insurance policy that covers all risks associated with a building project. The cover is provided for all projects up to £500k and individually for projects over this amount. With all this, Builders team Ltd has full insurance covers of Public and Employers Liability at £10 million. As part of New Build residential projects, our company is capable to build not only a simple foundation structure residential property but also a New Build house with a basement including pilling works.


    If you’re looking for a company to help you construct a new private building, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you by building your private property from the ground up, ensuring the highest quality of service carried out in a timely fashion, using the best materials available on the market.


    The construction of a residential property requires a special level of care and attention to detail. After all, your home is supposed to last for many long years, so it’s best to invest in it early on. With our help, you can be sure you’ll receive the best, most reliable residential property construction properties available in the area.


    If you’re in need of a reliable construction company to help with your real estate development, we have just what you need. Offering some of the best real estate development services available in the UK, we can help you out by providing our professional services at every stage of the build.


    Working on a new build can be a lot of work that can often prove to be too much for one company, no matter how professional or experienced they may be. That’s why we work with a very reliable selection of subcontractors who will ensure that every project we take up will be finished on time.


    Even if your building is a new build, it is inevitable that some things will need fixing eventually. In order to prevent those you can and fix those that you don’t manage, proper maintenance is key. We offer a reliable maintenance service for all of your new builds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we need to hire an architect?

    It is not necessary, as our team has everything you need when it comes to building a new house. However, if you already have an architect commissioned for your project, we’d be happy to help with them.

  • How to start planning a new build?

    Start by planning your budget and take the time to research your budget carefully. Once you have that done, you can contact us to establish the rest of the process.

  • How long does the planning process take?

    It usually takes around two months, though it might take longer depending on how much more information is required.

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